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The agricultural industry is one of the most overlooked industry today, yet it is one of the most important industry we should pay attention to. Over the years, agriculture has changed. We learned about the methods that will give us more crops and how to lessen the waiting time involved. But with these changes, the quality of food produced also diminished. The lack of monitoring and quality control brought us fewer quality products in the market. You might see fresh crops in Amsterdam sights holiday; however, they are not as good as they used to be. There still could be hope if we start early. We can still find the balance desperately needed in a time such as this.


Support Local Farmers

Agricultural products are being industrialized. They are being imported from countries to countries making it harder for farmers to thrive in a competitive market. The best way to solve this problem is by supporting the crops being harvested locally. It’s cheaper, economical, and a more environment-friendly way to consume food.

Stop GMO, Go Natural

GMO products caused a lot of debate around the world. We are all aware that GMO has a certain disadvantage to the consumer, yet it is still prevalent today. We should eat food the way they are designed to be. There is no need to modify them genetically. Let’s go natural.

Quality Control in Agriculture

When we say “quality control”, it’s not just about the appearance of the crop. It’s also about the presence of chemicals that are proven to be dangerous to consumers health for over 18 years. This control is not limited to farmers but includes distributors and retailers.


Be Part of The Change

Any change is possible if we are united. Help us share awareness with the public. You can help by just making a purchase with a clear intention to help farmers and the environment. It might sound impossible or too late to push these changes to make the impact worldwide. But it has to be started before we lose all the chance. Be part of the solution. Be part of the change.

A Hope For The Farmers

The farming business should be one of the most lucrative careers to be in. But that is not the case in this modern day. Our farmers lack support for funding and land protection. They have to protest in Amsterdam city pass accommodation just to get the attention of the higher government. Farmers are responsible for producing crops intended to be served on our tables. The crops they produced will be fed to children. They have a big role to play in our society, yet they seem ignored. The needs of our farmers should be acknowledged.

Our farmers’ needs are not limited to funding, they also need to be educated in terms of production and environment-friendly way of farming. It means we have to create awareness as well on how farming affects our planet as a whole.

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